Instrumentation & Controls Engineer

Company Name:
HotFoot Recruiter
Review specifications of level, temperature, flow, and pressure transmitters
Review P&ID against vendor equipment provided.
Maintain Instrumentation lists for equipment provided.
Review loop diagrams against instrumentation purchased.
Review DCS instrumentation points against points scheduled.
Review electrical equipment for instrumentation for senior engineers for disposition.
Review electrical schematics for hard wired control points that are provided for process protections (estops, low level switches, etc.)
Maintain instrumentation drawing lists.
Update equipment lists for power requirements on instrumentation for the electrical team.
Review and commission isolations valves (butterfly, ball, diaphragm, plug float, gage, globe and solenoid) in the field.
Review and commission switching valves (2 way, 3 way, etc. of the different isolation valves)
Review and commission control valves (throttling, proportional, reciprocating, rotary of the different isolation valves)"
Review and commission steam traps, pressure relief, capillary tubes, thermostatic expansion of other valves.

Familiarity with NFPA fire protection requirements.
Familiarity with NEC hazardous area classifications and impact on instrumentation and controls.
Understanding of NEC intrinsically safe.
Understanding of materials for instrumentation area for caustic/corrosive locations.
Knowledge of process flow diagrams and verifying correct pressure, temperature, and level ranges for instrumentation purchased.
Knowledge of P&ID symbology for electrical power, instrumentation, and communication for errors with equipment lists for disposition by senior engineer."
Familiarity with boiler process control protection.
Familiarity with water treatment process control protection.
Understanding of steam turbine generator process control protection.
Understanding of combined cycle process control protection.
Knowledge of OSHA safety standards and creating LOTO boundaries prior to commissioning equipment
Knowledge of ANSI instrumentation standards.
Familiarity with API instrumentation standards.
Familiarity with ASME instrumentation standards.
Understanding of AWWA instrumentation standards.
Understanding of MAA instrumentation standards.
Familiarity with BSI instrumentation standards

Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
Control Engineering - understands gain controller for circuits.
Fields and Waves Engineering - understands the issues with electromagnetic interference.
Thermodynamics - understands the mechanical processes and head transfer dynamics basics for instrumentation feedback for control flows, pressures, levels, etc.
Chemical Engineering - understands chemical process for instrumentation for feedback of flows, pressures, levels, etc.
Communication Engineering - understands communications theory and ready to learn and engage in HART protocols for instrumentation.

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